Who We Are

The 7 Steps Strategy is one of the divisions of the JLF Group. With more than 35 years experience in the property industry, John’s team is composed of skilled, friendly individuals, all possessing very particular areas of expertise. 

While our head office is based on the Gold Coast, we also have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We also have a roving team in Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth. JLF Group, Custodian and Investloan comprise of just over 100 employees.

Meet the experts

Our Team

John Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer

John Fitzgerald


John Fitzgerald is a renowned and respected Australian property expert with over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial real estate, property development and property investment.

Dora McBain, Chief Finance Officer

Dora McBain

Chief Financial Controller

22 years with the JLF Group, with another 7 years working for Chartered Accounting firms in Melbourne. Dora oversees the accounting function for over 26 companies, she is also responsible for banking and finance for the group.

James Fitzgerald, National Acquisitions Manager

James Fitzgerald

National Acquisitions Manager

James is the nephew of CEO, John Fitzgerald. He is in charge of running the Acquisitions and Construction departments at JLF Group, essentially everything to do with the product that our clients invest in.

David Fitzgerald - General Manager

David Fitzgerald

General Manager

David is John Fitzgerald’s brother who has been working in Sydney the past 5 years and in Brisbane and the Gold Coast prior to that. He now works out of our Melbourne office predominately consulting to new clients. 

Our Client Services and Reception team
“We welcome you with a smile and assist you along your journey”.

Our Client consultants
“We dig down to get the numbers that are relevant to designing the best options for you".

Our construction team
“We ensure your new investment house is delivered on time and on budget;
We also help you secure a tenant before your property is completed”.

Our property specialists
“We show you the hotspots for growth and demand, and find the best Real Estate opportunity that fits your borrowing capacity “.

Our Finance strategists
“We identify options and strategies for you to build wealth, reduce tax and assist cash flow”.

Our Client Concierge team
“You can count on us for any questions or uncertainties you might encounter”.

Our Administration team
“We handle all financial and legal matters for you. Our Administration team is composed of financial controllers, accountants, lawyers and other very friendly folks”.

Our Investloan specialists
“We identify the best loan options for you that don’t put your own home at risk”.

Our Management & Marketing team
““Our people are empowered to be the best they can be. Our motto is to embrace the two core values of Integrity & Trust in everything that we do. If however someone is not fully satisfied with the quality of service they receive, we strongly encourage them to contact the team.”